Senior couple getting quotesSenior Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance quotes online can be a bit frustrating especially if you are an elderly person.

Especially for people that belong in the senior citizen bracket, senior travel insurance is crucial to have in any kind of trip. We know that you want to get reliable travel insurance quotes fast and easy. You are at the right place.

Travel Insurance Facts specializes in providing cheap travel insurance for seniors over 65 years old.
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Cheap Backpackers Insurance

So you are planning the trip of a lifetime, an exciting adventure that will stretch across many different countries.  You and your friends are going to have experiences that will leave a lasting impression, experiences to one day tell your grandchildren about.  It’s important when planning an exciting trip to spend a few minutes thinking practically.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, to forget about the little things before embarking on an adventurous trip.  But if you take a little time now to plan for contingencies, then you can help to ensure that—should the unforeseen happen—you will be prepared.

Nobody really starts out a trip thinking that something bad will happen, and for the most part they are right.  However if there is something that comes up, illness or lost luggage for example, then having backpackers travel insurance can make a huge difference for you.  By obtaining backpackers travel insurance you can enjoy your trip with the peace of mind of knowing that you have coverage should an emergency arise.

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family travel insuranceFamily Travel Insurance

Everyone needs a break. You need a break, your wife needs a vacation, your kids would definitely love to have a holiday. Why not take the whole family on a trip and enjoy the company of each other in a place other than what you are used to?

Your travels can be a quick tour of Disneyland, an extended stay in Europe, or holiday fun in the tropical sun. They are all exciting and wonderful but you can never leave home without Family Travel Insurance.

Individually, the risks involved in traveling are overwhelming. How much more if you bring your family, particularly your children, with you? Can you imagine getting sick or one of your family members needing medical attention while in a foreign place? What if something gets lost or stolen? How about trip cancellations?

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel or trip insurance is a specific type of risk-management designed to pay for certain unexpected costs that may arise when you are traveling (e.g. business, vacations, or academic), such as emergencies, hospitalization, other medical costs, lost baggage, trip cancellations, and accidental death.

The Different types of Travel Insurance?

There are various types of travel insurance. They may vary from the smallest of details to the most extensive coverage aspects. Some may appear similar but with thorough inspection, you will find the most appropriate travel insurance plan for your type of travel. The most common types of travel insurance are:

  • Medical
  • Single Trip
  • Multi-Trip or Annual
  • Cruise
  • Business
  • Group
  • Long Stay

These are the typical plans that you may encounter when purchasing travel insurance. Keep in mind that you can customize your own plans if you need to.