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Getting travel insurance quotes online can be a bit frustrating especially if you are an elderly person.

Especially for people that belong in the senior citizen bracket, senior travel insurance is crucial to have in any kind of trip. We know that you want to get reliable travel insurance quotes fast and easy. You are at the right place.

Travel Insurance Facts specializes in providing cheap travel insurance for seniors over 65 years old.
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We know that you need to get the appropriate senior citizen travel insurance when going on a trip—whether domestic or overseas. However, numerous insurance providers do not have travel insurance plans or policies for individuals over 60 or 70 years of age but with our extensive inclusion of hundreds of travel insurance plans from the top providers, you can compare with virtually no limitations. You can also use our comprehensive research features. Our site will allow you to quickly purchase senior travel insurance online with confidence with the liberty to thoroughly investigate every feature of every policy.

Travel insurance for over 65, over 75, or even over 80… It doesn’t matter. Our hi-tech and easy-to-use quote engine will provide the best senior travel insurance for older people. Generally, due to our wide range of providers, our single trip senior citizen travel insurance has no upper age limit. With our easy to use online service, you won’t spend hours waiting for a quote on the telephone. Wave goodbye to high premiums and say hello to your next holiday.

We only offer competitive prices on all travel insurance products.

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Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Being an older individual, you will often find yourself not qualified for standard travel insurance because of a pre-existing medical condition. A pre-existing medical condition can be defined as any condition or illness that the traveling individual was suffering from at the time they purchased the travel insurance – or had suffered from previously. We consider that possibility and aim to help you get in touch with the most reliable travel insurance companies.

When traveling in far away locations, medical treatment can be costly. Getting assistance due to your pre-existing medical conditions, without having comprehensive medical travel insurance, can be an awfully expensive experience.

But having medical conditions doesn’t mean you can’t travel. By covering your medical condition(s), senior travel insurance gives you the protection you need when you travel abroad.